Reading Skills




Savvy Thinking: the 12 hour solution which lasts a lifetime

Discover an amazing way to read and think more efficiently, to improve comprehension, to reduce stress, and to save valuable time. 

The Advanced Reading Skills Course harnesses the latent capacity of the brain to deliver measurable and lasting improvements in reading and thinking efficiency - in just 12 hours. 


Information overload

In the extraordinary and fast-paced information world in which we live, our propensity to generate information greatly exceeds our ability to review and understand the bulk of it, let alone to decide upon priorities.  To get ahead and to keep ahead, efficient reading and processing of written and electronically-generated data is vital.   But, help is at hand. 


Our Gift of Time

The Advanced Reading Skills Course is a world-wide success story.  It has helped millions of students, teachers, professionals, executives and business people at all educational levels to cope with the stresses of an ever-increasing workload by improving their reading efficiency and effectiveness. 


An essential tool

Reading and thinking are essential tools in any organisation, college or school.  Improving the reading and thinking skills of personnel and students are vital, simple keys to improved examination results, better decision making and increased productivity.


Exam success

Scientific studies have shown an average (not a maximum!) 15% improvement in examination performance across all five core GCSE subjects – so the benefits of the course extend into a wide range of academic and intellectual activities.


Test yourself

Please feel free to browse our website at your leisure.

But, before you read any further, you might like to try our on-line reading test.  This will give you an idea of the level of your own reading skills, and also give you an overview of the Advanced Reading Skills Course.  Or you may try it later.

However, if you feel you don't have time to try it now, perhaps you are the one the course was designed to help?

Free yourself from the bad reading habits which you picked up when learning to read and unlock your dynamic reading potential and thinking skills.